DMDS FEST - 60th Celebration

Our 60th Celebration, 'DMDS Fest', took place in Wanderers FC in merrion on 10th June 2023. It closed out the year for DMDS and what a note to end on!

It was a massive success thanks to the incredible hard work of our organising team, our performers, our members, local businesses who supported us, and (of course) our friends and family who turned out in their masses to celebrate with us.

We raised over 3k for the society which was a brilliant achievement on top of the fun and joy we all felt on the night.

It was wonderful to celebrate with older members and newer members along with the friends and family who are so patient with our dedication to our musical hobby :)

A huge thank you to our sponsors for the evening. We couldn't have done half as well without your support.

Granby of Dublin


Golden Brown

Screen Guard