DMDS has over 100 members and a proud tradition of performance since 1959. We produce musicals and concerts, compete in choral competitions and also perform at a range of events. 

Originally founded by members of the Methodist Church in Dún Laoghaire, the membership grew and now attracts members from Dún Laoghaire as well as the wider Dublin area and even County Wicklow. 

Today, we continue to meet and rehearse in the Methodist Church hall, but the group was renamed Dún Laoghaire Musical and Dramatic Society in 2003.

The 2024/25 Committee 

We are excited to introduce the new DMDS 2024/25 committee! 

We believe that we are a balanced team, representing both new and long-term members of our society, all sharing the common goal of steering DMDS towards a successful year. 

Always with inclusion and the longevity of our society always at the forefront of our decisions, this committee is dedicated to making this a fantastic year for DMDS. 

Clare Mac Entee


"Rallying the Committee, steering the Society for a great year ahead."

Madison Eastwood


"Changing the world one email at a time."

Andy Williams


"That money was just resting in my account."

David Hynes

Public Relations Officer

"There's a time and there's a place."

Becca Lennon

Social Secretary

"Organised fun is the best type of fun."

Kate Canavan

Ordinary Member

"Nothing ordinary about this member."

Dale Ayers

Ordinary Member

"I thought I was joining The Commitments. Now I'm on a Committee."

Fidelma Wimberger

Ordinary Member

"No one quite knows what she does, but she does it well."

Ken McFarland

Ordinary Member

"Roll on sponsors. Show me the money."