AIMS Awards 2010

Our show for 2010 was The Pirates of Penzance, which received 2 AIMS nominations. Jen McGann won the award for Best comedienne for her portrayal of Ruth, and we also received a nomination for Best Gilbert & Sullivan Show. These awards are competed for by 130 societies, involving about 14,000 people, and are highly prized. DMDS have previously won awards at the AIMS event for best Comedienne (2009 – see below), Best Choreography (2008), best Musical Director (2007) and have been nominated on many occasions. In 2009 Shona Henneberry won the Best Comedienne award for her role as Princess Winifred in ‘Once upon a Mattress’. She was one of two leads in the show who were nominated for awards. Jen Dalton was also nominated as Best Female Supporting Actress for her part as Queen Aggravaine.